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Reducing Organizational and Product Carbon Footprint at Bosch

HANSJÜRGEN OVERSTOLZ, Moscow, 15.06.2017

Climate strategy of Siemens or “Eat your own dog food”

Carsten Hasbach, OOO Siemens Moscow, 15.06.2017

Principles and Goals of the German Governments's Climate Policy

Ellen von Zitzewitz, German Embassy Moscow

At the Tipping Point. Trends in the Global Business and Investor Response to Climate Change

Marcus Norton, CDP, 10 March 2016

Bioenergy potential in Belgorod region, Russia

Alexander Samorodov, December, 2013

Climate Change:The Real Challenge and How to Deal with it

Michael Yulkin, Moscow, IFC, 05 June 2013

Bioenergy Potential in Kaluga Region

Alexander Samorodov, Netherlands, 09 October 2012

Renewable and Biomass Energy in the Kaluga Region

Stepan Mironenko, World Bioenergy 2012, Sweden, Jonkoping, 29-31 May 2012

Effective Corporate Energy and GHG Emissions Management

Vladimir Dyachkov, Joint international seminar "Creating a Framework for Low-Carbon Economic Development Strategy for Russia and other CIS Countries", Moscow, 22 October 2010

Will JI serve as a link between national ETS’s, and ERUs - as a "hard" carbon currency?

Michael Yulkin, C5 conference on "The Carbon Market in Russia & Ukraine", Moscow, 23 September 2010

Russian Perspectives on Climate Change in the Lead up to a Post-Kyoto Agreement

Michael Yulkin, The Hague, 29 May 2009

The Future of JI in Russia (Beyond Kyoto)

Michael Yulkin, Moscow, 31 October 2008

General Information

EIC is the leading Russian advisory and solutions providing company in the sphere of climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable development and decarbonization , GHG emissions quantification , reporting and management.

Years in business : since 1999.

Current status :


Activities :


Advantages and achievements:

EIC is proud of its best in class team of energy, GHG and climate change experts who, jointly and separately, have solid background, all the necessary professional knowledge and skills as well as many years of successful track record in the industry both in Russia and abroad.

We used to think at least three steps forward and to prepare for the future well in advance. We master the new trends and ideas better and earlier than others. And this helps us be the leader.

We pioneered environmental investments in Russia to reduce adverse impact of the Russian industries on environment and climate.

We were among the pioneers who fulfilled, in line with the international requirements and IPPC’s rules, first GHG emissions inventories in the Russian regions in early 2000s.

We were the very first in Russia to prepare a corporate GHG emissions report in line with ISO140641-1:2006 standards and get it verified successfully.

We have developed the first corporate climate strategy aimed at GHG emissions limitation and reduction in Russia.

We now use our knowledge and experience to help Russian companies identify and manage their GHG emissions properlly, prepare climate change reports in CDP formats (both investors and supply chain), and become the leaders of CDP climate rating.