04.06.2014     China expects to launch a national carbon market in 2018

China expects to launch a national carbon market in 2018, based on regional schemes it is presently piloting, a senior official at the country’s planning ministry told a World Bank conference.

04.06.2014     EPA proposes carbon goals for power plants

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed its plan to reduce carbon emissions from the nation's power plants by 30% below 2005 levels.

02.06.2014     Jeffrey D. Sachs - UN's climate change conference in 2015 must not be allowed to fail

Humanity has just about run out of time to address climate change.

29.05.2014     EPA - Climate Change Indicators

EPA is working with many other organizations to collect and communicate data about climate change.

28.05.2014     EPA is readying climate rule for existing power plants as deadline approaches

With less than two weeks to go, the Environmental Protection Agency is readying a climate rule for existing power plants that requires a steep reduction in carbon emissions while allowing states and companies broad flexibility in how they limit overall greenhouse-gas discharges.

26.05.2014     Denmark is to become 100 % fossil free by 2050

It is technically possible to construct an energy system which is not based on coal, oil and natural gas.

26.05.2014     Catastrophe Modelling and Climate Change

08.05.2014     China to launch first carbon-linked financial product

China will launch its first carbon-linked financial product on Thursday, a debt note linked to the performance of carbon offsets on the Shenzhen Emissions Exchange, issued by a unit of China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN).

05.05.2014     UN chief calls for greater action on climate

The United Nations secretary-general on Sunday, April 4, urged world policymakers to do more to address the threat of climate change as negotiators attempt to forge a new global warming pact next year.

05.05.2014     RSA - Carbon offsets paper out for comment

The South Africa's Treasury released a discussion paper on carbon offsetting for public comment as it prepares for the introduction of a carbon tax in 2016.

05.05.2014     Carbon Dioxide Levels Climb Into Uncharted Territory for Humans

The amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere has exceeded 402 parts per million (ppm) during the past two days of observations, which is higher than at any time in at least the past 800,000 years, according to readings from monitoring equipment on a mountaintop in Hawaii.

30.04.2014     Water becoming more valuable than gold

While the planet Earth is primarily covered in water, only 2.5% of it is fresh, and only a portion of that is drinkable.

30.04.2014     New publication of FES

28.04.2014     Auto makers beat EPA greenhouse gas emissions standards

Automobile manufacturers made more progress in meeting new greenhouse gas emission standards than required in 2012, according to a new report by the Environmental Protection Agency.

16.04.2014     F-gases Regulation Adopted By EU Council

The EU Council today adopted a regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases), to help reduce emissions in the EU by two-thirds of today’s levels by 2030.

16.04.2014     Averting climate change is affordable

Catastrophic climate change can be averted without sacrificing living standards according to a UN report, which concludes that the transformation required to a world of clean energy is eminently affordable.

10.04.2014     Chile plans carbon tax

Chile's government wants to impose a tax on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from thermal power plants, the second major economy in Latin America to resort to environmental taxation to discourage the use of carbon-intensive fuels.

07.04.2014     Mott MacDonald report on optimising renewable energy

01.04.2014     Climate impacts 'overwhelming'

The impacts of global warming are likely to be "severe, pervasive and irreversible", a major report by the UN has warned.

25.03.2014     China tells firms to start reporting carbon emissions

Thousands of companies across China must start reporting their greenhouse gas emissions under a government plan to build a nationwide emissions database ahead of launching a national carbon market.

24.03.2014     Biggest companies in EU call for binding energy saving targets

A group of some of world's biggest companies has called for the European Union to make energy efficiency a focal point of its new climate and energy strategy for 2030.

24.03.2014     PIK PR - Berlin can be climate-neutral until 2050: Feasibility Study

Press release by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment

17.03.2014     Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill the first in Russia to get ISO 14064 Certificate

OJSC Arkhangelsk PPM is the first Russian company to have completed certification to ISO 14064 “Greenhouse Gases”.

13.03.2014     Russia Considers Domestic Carbon Market in Global Warming Fight

Russia is considering a domestic carbon market to cut greenhouse-gas emissions and may start providing poorer nations with cash to cope with global warming, according to the country’s climate negotiator.

12.03.2014     Latest on Chinese carbon market

China's carbon prices surged this week as demand firmed ahead of an upcoming deadline to report 2013 emissions data, indicating the markets may be less over-allocated than feared.

12.03.2014     California electric grid sets solar generation record

California set back-to-back solar power records last week, the state grid operator said on Monday.

11.03.2014     The GLOBE Climate Legislation Study

Today a comprehensive study on climate change regulation was released. It includes 66 countries which together are responsible for 88% of world emissions.

04.03.2014     Climate Change Evidence and Causes

‘Climate Change Evidence and Causes’ jointly produced by two of the world’s foremost scientific bodies - the Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences, has concluded it is more certain than ever that human activity is responsible for changing the global climate...

03.03.2014     Australia's Climate Change Authority Releases Targets and Progress Review

Australia’s Climate Change Authority has just released its Targets and Progress Review Final Report.

03.03.2014     Solar projects to hit all time high in 2014

24.02.2014     Carbon map infographic: a new way to see the Earth move

24.02.2014     Danish parties back 40% carbon reduction target

Denmark is set to become the latest country to have its climate targets inscribed into law, after cross-party agreement was reached in Parliament.

21.02.2014     Qingdao city next in line to set up emissions market in China

Qingdao has become the latest Chinese city to plan a market to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as a group of advisers backed by its mayor is hammering out rules for an emissions trading scheme that could start next year.

17.02.2014     Apple aiming for 100% renewable energy at new Arizona plant

The American IT giant Apple is building a manufacturing plant in Arizona and is planning for the new hub to be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy.

17.02.2014     U.S. lays out vision for 2015 climate pact to U.N

The United States on Wednesday, Feb 12, submitted to the United Nations its vision for a new international climate agreement that is "built to last," outlining what it thinks should be the main elements of a climate deal to be agreed upon in Paris in 2015.

17.02.2014     Airbus to Assess Biomass for Sustainable Jet Fuel

Airbus and key Malaysian partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to assess local solutions for sustainable bio-mass production in Malaysia.

03.02.2014     World's carbon markets now cover 20% of emissions

Believe it or not, the statistics indicate carbon trading is growing – nationally and internationally.

03.02.2014     Michael Bloomberg appointed as UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced today the appointment of Michael Bloomberg of the United States as his Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change.

03.02.2014     EU's 2030 Strategy on Energy & Climate

New binding targets for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction and increasing the share of renewable energy in the EU’s energy mix, to be achieved by 2030, have been proposed in a new EU strategy for energy and climate policy presented by the Commission on 22 January 2014.

31.01.2014     Low Carbon Fuel Standard

EU legislation requires a reduction of the greenhouse gas intensity of the fuels used in vehicles by up to 10% by 2020 – a Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

20.01.2014     Lag in Confronting Climate Woes Will Be Costly

Another 15 years of failure by nations to limit carbon emissions could make the situation virtually impossible to solve with current technologies, according to a draft United Nations report.

20.01.2014     OECD states cut emissions too slowly

The world’s richest countries have made some progress since the 1990s in limiting environmental damage. But they have not done enough to prevent catastrophic climate change, according to the OECD...

20.01.2014     GHG emissions will rise by almost a third in 20 years

Global greenhouse gas emissions are set to rise by nearly a third in the next two decades, putting hopes of curtailing dangerous climate change beyond reach, a new report by BP has found.

17.01.2014     UN climate chief calls for tripling of clean energy investment

Christiana Figueres says $1 trillion a year is required for the transformation needed to stay within 2C of warming.

15.01.2014     US Carbon Pollution up 2 Percent in 2013

Energy-related carbon dioxide pollution grew by 2 percent last year after declining several years in a row, a government report said Monday.

13.01.2014     Backloading is now a reality

The European Commission welcomes today's vote by EU governments gathered in the Climate Change Committee to postpone the sale of 900 million carbon allowances...

13.01.2014     Carbon Pollution Funds Poised to Deliver on Advancing Clean Energy in California

Governor Brown's administration made public yesterday details of the first expenditure plan for revenues generated from the sale of carbon pollution allowances under California’s cap-and-trade program.

13.01.2014     Global carbon markets to rise to $62.5 billion in 2014

Global carbon markets will rise to reach a value of EUR 46 billion (US$62.5 billion) in 2014 according to forecasts by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

13.01.2014     Is there a connection between the weird weather and climate change?

Icy cold in North America, storms along the Atlantic coasts, typhoons in Asia, spring temperatures in Germany: Does global warming actually mean a more capricious climate and even Arctic freezes?

04.01.2014     Wyoming to regulate greenhouse gases

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality’s permitting team will now have another pollutant to consider when writing permits: greenhouse gases.

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