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European Perspectives of Russian Green Gas

This study has been produced in 2014 by CCGS LLC (Russia) at the request of and in cooperation with N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie (Netherlands).

The purpose of this study is to check opportunities for biomethane production in Russia in accordance with sustainability requirements, criteria and standards adopted in the EU member states, particularly in the Netherlands, and for supply of certified biomethane (green gas) from Russia to the EU via natural gas transportation pipelines.
The task was to identify and describe () potential gaps in the Russian legislation and in the business-as-usual customs that can complicate or completely block such activity and prevent development of biomethane industry and market in Russia as well as (b) measures that could be reasonably suggested to bridge such gaps.

This work focuses on identification of gaps and on development of possible solutions to bridge such gaps in the following areas:
1)    Application of the EU and NL biomass sustainability criteria in biomass verification for its use as a raw material for biomethane production in Russia;
2)    Regulation of biomethane production (including quality requirements), biomethane transmission via a unified gas grid (including access to the grid), and use of digestate (by-product of biomass digestion for biomethane production) as a fertiliser;
3)    Verification of metering equipment and audit of produced biomethane amounts, including applicable metering standards, frequency, and procedure for sharing metering data with the green gas certification company, metering quality assurance procedure;
4)    Mass balance system for gas in the grid and its reporting, including the procedures for assigning unique identification numbers to portions of biomethane, procedures for mass balancing at border points, possible procedures for exchange of certificates at border points;
5)    Issuance, transfer and debiting of green gas certificates;
6)    Procedures for green gas injection into the grid, taking into account the existing technical regulations of Gazprom;
7)    Customs clearance of green gas exported to foreign buyers (procedures for submitting tax declarations, export duties, etc.).

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