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Waste-to-Energy at OJSC "Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill"

OJSC "Arkhangelsk PPM",

The project is implemented at OJSC "Arkhangelsk PPM" in Novodvinsk, Russian Federation.
The project suggests utilization of bark and wood wastes (BWW) and wastewater sludge from biological wastewater treatment (WWS). These mostly originate from pulp production processes at APPM. The wastes are to be utilized in APPM-owned TPP-3 for steam and power generation to cover the auxiliary needs of the Mill. The project makes it possible to additionally utilize up to 150 kt of bark with 60% moisture content and up to 110 kt of wastewater sludge with 70% moisture content, otherwise these wastes would be disposed of to a dump. Around 350 k Gcal of steam will be additionally generated from biomass each year and fossil fuel (coal and heavy fuel oil) consumption at APPM will be reduced by 80 kt of equivalent fuel per year.
The project GHG emission reductions are achieved due to larger proportion of effectively combusted BWW and WWS in APPM's fuel and energy balance (the share of fossil fuels decreases proportionally), and also due to reduction in landfilling of BWW and WWS.

Expected emission reductions over 2008-2012 – 1 021 kt ян2e

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Monitoring Report (Y2008-Y2010)

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