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Construction of Hydrocarbon Gas Treatment and Compression Facility at the Severo-Gubkinskoye Field, LLC "LUKOIL-Western Siberia", Russian Federation

Hydrocarbon gas treatment and compression facility (GTCF) at Severo-Gubkinskoe field, LLC "LUKOIL-Western Siberia"

The project is implemented at Severo-Gubkinskoe field developed by LLC "LUKOIL-Western Siberia" in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District of the Russian Federation.

The project involves construction of a gas treatment and compression facility (GTCF) in Severo-Gubkinskoe field in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District of Tyumen Region. This facility will ensure treatment and compression of APG from the crude oil treatment system of Severo-Gubkinskoe field and subsequent delivery of gas to the gas transmission system of CJSC "Purgaz".

The project will make it possible to utilize additional 1 billion m3 of APG per year, reduce GHG and pollutant emissions and improve the environment in the field area.

GHG emission reductions are achieved due to reduction in APG flaring at Severo-Gubkinskoe field and due to substitution of other no less carbon intensive fossil fuels in the fuel market with the dry APG and condensate, that are both APG treatment by-products.

Expected emission reductions over 2009-2012  – 8 577 kt ян2e

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