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Construction of Small Power Generating Facilities in the Oilfields Operated by OJSC Pechoraneft in Nenets Autonomous District, Russian Federation

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The project aims to enhance beneficial use of associated petroleum gas (APG) in the oilfields developed by OJSC Pechoraneft in Nenets Autonomous District through construction of new gas-fired energy centers (EC).

This project includes construction of two APG-fired Energy Centers with the total installed capacity of 16.772 MW. The newly constructed ECs serve to cover the auxiliary power needs of the oilfields operated by OJSC Pechoraneft. The project will result in significantly higher beneficial utilization of APG and in a reduced diesel fuel combustion rate at the existing diesel power plants (DPPs).

Power generation in the newly built ECs will help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that are due to diesel fuel combustion at DPPs. Besides, additional utilization of APG due to the project will reduce the amount of gas flaring which will result in methane emission reductions.

Expected emission reductions over 2008-2012 - 239,203 tonnes of 2e

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