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Woodworking Waste to Heat at LLC "Kronostar", Sharya, Kostroma Region, Russian Federation

LLC "Kronostar" production site


The project is implemented at LLC “Kronostar” in the town of Sharya, Kostroma Region.
The project includes setting up an on-site heat producing complex at Kronostar which will fully meet the company’s heat demand and help utilize all woodworking waste originating on-site.
The heat producing complex comprises: 2 x 48 MW biofuel thermaloil boilers, 3 x 18 MW standby boilers and three external furnaces: 25, 36 and 61 MW. The biofuel boilers run on wood waste and wood dust. The backup fuel is fuel oil and diesel oil.
The project will ensure complete utilization of woodworking waste and will produce the required amount of heat for the company’s needs. The project will help mitigate environmental impacts.
The reduction in GHG emissions due to the projects is achieved due to reduction in fossil fuel consumption (peat and fuel oil) at the nearby Sharya CHPP, and also due to prevention of anaerobic decomposition of woodworking waste at the dump.

Expected emission reductions over 2009-2012 – 2.491 Mt2e

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