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Modernization of OJSC "Solombala PPM" Energy-Generating Facilities to Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption, Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation

OJSC "Solombala PPM", 

The project is implemented at OJSC "Solombala PPM" in Arkhangelsk.

The project provides for replacement of heavy fuel oil fired boiler No.5 of KM-75-40 type (CHPP-1) with a boiler fitted with a fluidized bed furnace extension designed for BWW combustion. The boiler’s nominal output is increased to 90 t/h, the ash handling equipment is replaced and a new system is constructed for BWW handling, preparation and feeding to CHPP-1 for combustion.

The project enables additional utilization of 262 thousand dense m3 of BWW per year for heat and electricity generation purposes. This means that dumping of BWW originating from SPPM and neighbouring wood working enterprises is almost completely avoided.

GHG emission reductions as a result of the project at Solomabla PPM are achieved due to reduction in fossil fuel (coal and heavy fuel oil) consumption and due to prevention of methane emissions into the atmosphere from anaerobic decay of BWW at dumps.

Expected emission reductions over 2008-2012 – 1.295 Mt ян2e 

Project status

Order of the Russian Ministry
of Economic Development No.112
dated March 12, 2012
Verified emission reductions
over 2008-2010
600 805 tonnes of CO2e


Project Design Document

Determination Report

Verification Report (Y2008-Y2010)

Monitoring Report (Y2008-Y2010)

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