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Construction of Small Power Generating Facilities in the Oilfields Operated by OJSC VTK, Russian Federation

General view of a GEPP

The project is implemented at the fields developed by OJSC VTK in Tomsk Region and aimes to enhance benefitial use of APG at these oilfields.

The project includes construction of eleven APG-fuelled GEPPs with the overall installed capacity of 11.25 MW. The newly built GEPPs are designed to meet the auxiliary power demand of the oilfields operated by OJSC VTK. The project implementation would result in significant increase in beneficial utilization of APG and, consequently, in reduced methane emissions from APG flaring. Besides, electric power generation by the GEPPs will make it possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from grid power plants.

Expected emission reductions over 2008-2012 - 282,820 tonnes of CO2e

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