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Biomass-to-Heat Project at OJSC "Volga", Russian Federation

Paper-making machine, OJSC "Volga"

The project is implemented at OJSC "Volga" in Balakhna, Nizhniy Novgorod Region.
The project covers construction at OJSC "Volga" production site of a steam boiler capable of producing 65 tonnes of steam per hour (45 MW) for combustion of bark and wood waste (BWW) and sludge that are by-products of papermaking process. The boiler will produce heat for auxiliary needs of the Mill. The project also provided for a special facility for BWW and sludge preparation before combustion.
The project ensures utilization of about 200 kt of BWW and 50 kt of sludge per year, making it possible to almost completely prevent dumping of BWW and sludge originating from OJSC "Volga" production processes. The supply of biomass heat from the new boiler house is 1332 thousand GJ per year.
GHG emission reductions due to the project at OJSC "Volga" are achieved due to reduction in fossil fuel (natural gas at Nizhniy Novgorod TPP) consumption and due to prevented anaerobic decomposition of BWW and sludge at waste disposal sites.

Expected emission reductions over 2009-2012 – 560 kt2e

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