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Biomass Wastes to Energy at OJSC "Ilim Group" Branch in Bratsk, Russian Federation

OJSC "Ilim Group" Branch in the town of Bratsk (official site of the company

The project is implemented at OJSC "Ilim Group" Branch in the town of Bratsk (the former Bratsk Timber Industry Complex), one of the largest pulp and paperboard producers in Russia.

The project envisages complex modernization of the energy system of Bratsk Pulp and Paperboard Mill, the main enterprise of OJSC "Ilim Group" Branch in Bratsk, including switching of the boiler equipment of the Mill’s technological heat and power plant (THPP) to fluidized bed combustion of bark and wood wastes (BWW) and wastewater sludge. At the first and the second stages of the project in 2001 and 2004 two -75-40K boiler units were reconstructed. At the third stage it is planned to install a new boiler unit of -90-3.9-440DFT type and to modernize the thermal flow diagram of the THPP. It is planned to complete the works in 2010.

As a result of the project practically all BWW and a significant proportion of wastewater sludge will be utilized, hereby reducing their dumping to local waste disposal sites; in-house generation of heat and electricity will increase due to combustion of more waste, higher combustion efficiency and optimization of the Mill’s energy supply system.

The greenhouse gas emission reductions are achieved due to reduction in residual fuel oil combustion at the on-site THPP and lignite combustion at the nearby CHPP-6 (OJSC "Irkutskenergo"), as well as through reduction in methane emissions from anaerobic decay of BWW and wastewater sludge at local dumps. The project also brings benefits for of the local environment.

Expected emission reductions over 2008-2012 – 1 391 kt 2e 

Project status

Order of the Russian Ministry of
Economic Development No.709
dated December 30, 2010
ITL ID RU1000233
Verified emission reductions
over 2008-2010
435 037 tonnes of 2e
ERUs issued for 2008-2009
284 210 ERUs
ERUs issued for 2010
150 827 ERUs

Project Design Document

Determination Report

Monitoring Report (Y2008 and Y2009)

Verification Report (Y2008 and Y2009)

Monitoring Report (Y2010)

Verification Report (Y2010)

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