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Installation of a Multi-Fuel Boiler at CJSC "International Paper" (former Svetogorsk PPM) for Waste Biomass Utilization and Energy Generation for Own Needs, Svetogorsk, Russia*

CJSC "International Paper" (former Svetogorsk PPM)

The project is implemented at CJSC "International Paper" (former Svetogorsk PPM) in Svetogorsk.

The project involves installation of a new multi-fuel boiler and setting up a biomass preparation and transportation system, and fly ash handling infrastructure. The boiler will be fired with bark and wood wastes (BWW) and wastewater sludge (WWS) originating from the Mill. The backup fuel will be natural gas.  The boiler and auxiliary equipment was manufactured and installed by Kvaerner Pulping. Installation of the new boiler made it possible to decommission hot-water PTVM-30 boiler at CHPP-4 and E-75-39-440 steam power boiler at CHPP-3.

The project enables utilization of around 251 kt of BWW and 106 kt of WWS per year for heat and electricity generation. As a result, BWW and WWS dumping is almost completely avoided and negative environmental impacts are mitigated. The project also reduces the proportion of fossil fuel in the company's fuel mix.

The project greenhouse gas emission reductions are achieved due to reduction in fossil fuel (natural gas) consumption and due to prevention of anaerobic decay of BWW at dumps.

Expected emission reductions over 2008-2012 – 1.630 Mt ян2e  

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* The project was developed for ICF/EKO

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