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Evaporation System Modernization at OJSC "Ilim Group" Branch in Koryazhma, Russian Federation

OJSC "Ilim Group" Branch in Koryazhma (official site of the company

The project is implemented at OJSC "Ilim Group" Branch in Koryazhma (the former OJSC "Kotlas Pulp and Paper Mill"), one of the largest wood chemical plants in Europe.

This project provides for construction of a new high-technology evaporator plant manufactured by "Andritz" with the evaporating capacity of 600 tonnes per hour. The two old evaporator plants are decommissioned. The new evaporator plant was put into operation in 2007.

The project implementation made it possible to reduce steam consumption for liquor evaporation and fresh water heating (due to re-use of warm water and condensate streams from the new evaporator plant for the Mill’s process needs), and to increase energy generation at the Mill’s technological heat and power station due to combustion of more liquor and due to combustion of methanol fraction and malodorous gases in a dedicated utilizing boiler.

The greenhouse gas emission reduction as a result of the project is achieved through reduction in natural gas combustion at the Mill’s technological heat and power plant. The project also decreased emissions of pollutants and malodorous gases, reduced discharge of polluted effluents into the Vychegda River, which had a positive impact upon the environment and public health in the region.

Expected emission reductions over 2008-2012 – 880 kt ян2e

Project status

Order of the Russian Ministry
of Economic Development No.326
dated July 23, 2010
ITL ID RU1000227
Verified emission reductions
over 2008-2010
393 247 tonnes of ян2e
ERUs issued for 2008-2009
234 810 ERUs
ERUs issued for 2010
158 437 ERUs

Project Design Document

Determination Report

Monitoring Report (Y2008 and Y2009)

Verification Report (Y2008 and Y2009)

Monitoring Report (Y2010)

Verification Report (Y2010)

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