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Wood Waste to Energy in Severoonezhsk, Arkhangelsk Region, Russian Federation

23MW Biofuel Boiler House in Severoonezhsk

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The project includes construction of a biofuel boiler house with the installed capacity of 20 Gcal/h (23.26 MW) for heat supply of Severoonezhsk settlement of Plesetsk District, the Arkhangelsk Region. The main fuel of the boiler house is wood waste (chips, sawdust and long sawmill residues) from the local sawmills. The boiler house was put into operation in 2008. The project is implemented with the participation of OJSC "Mezhregionenergogas" and CJSC "Teplo-Invest".

The project will help utilize significant amounts of wood waste originating from the local sawmills with the proportional reduction of wood waste disposal to dumps; lower consumption of residual fuel oil in the old boiler house owned by OJSC "Severoonezhsk Bauxite Mine"; significantly reduce heat losses during its delivery to end-users (the old boiler house is 7 km away from the settlement); and mitigate negative environmental impacts.

The greenhouse gas emission reductions are achieved due to reduction in residual fuel oil combustion and methane emissions from anaerobic decay of wood waste at local dumps.

Expected emission reductions over 2008-2012 – 130 kt 2e

Project status

Order of the Russian Ministry of
Economic Development No.709
dated December 30, 2010
ITL ID RU1000270
Verified emission reductions
over 2008-2010
54 340 tonnes of 2e
ERUs issued for 2008-2009
27 080 ERUs

Project Design Document

Determination Report

Monitoring Report (Y2008 and Y2009)

Verification Report (Y2008 and Y2009)

Monitoring Report (Y2010)

Verification Report (Y2010)

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