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Pellet Production from Sawmill Wastes at CJSC "Sawmill 25", Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation

Pellet production plant at Sawmill 25 (

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The project is implemented at CJSC "Sawmill 25", Arkhangelsk, the largest sawmill in the North-West of Russia.  

The project includes construction of a plant for production of fuel pellets from sawmill residues at the Sawmill. The design works for the pellet production plant started in 2007, and the output of products began in May 2008. The initial plant capacity was 45,000 tonnes of pellets per year. By the year 2010 it was planned to increase the output capacity to 70,000 tonnes of pellets per year by setting up an additional production line.

The auxiliary heat demand of the pellet production plant is met by the heat generators installed at the pelletizing plant and by the Sawmill's mini-CHPP that are both fired solely with bark and wood wastes. Electricity is supplied from the mini CHPP of the Sawmill and/or from the external power grid.  

Fuel pellet production makes it possible to reclaim up to 200,000 dense m3 of BWW per year, that otherwise would have been disposed of to dumps, and generates greenhouse gas emission reductions through abatement of methane emissions from anaerobic decomposition of BWW at dumps.

Expected emission reductions over 2008-2012 – 102 kt 2e

Project status

Order of the Russian Ministry
of Economic Development No.112
dated March 12, 2012

Project Design Documentation

Determination Report

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