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CMM Utilization at Severnaya Coal Mine of OJSC "Vorkutaugol", Russian Federation

Severnaya Coal Mine of OJSC "Vorkutaugol"

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The project is implemented at Severnaya Coal Mine (OJSC "Vorkutaugol") located in Pechorsky coal basin. Vorkutaugol Company is a part of Resources Division of OJSC "Severstal" and is one of the largest coal mining companies in Russia.  

The project enables utilization of drained methane and generation of heat and electricity to cover the mine’s demand. Methane-air mixture is supplied from vacuum pumping stations to the gas-piston heat and power co-generation plants (GPHPPs). It is planned to utilize up to 20 kt of methane per year, which prior to the project has been released into the atmosphere.

The project at Severnaya Coal Mine will make it possible to generate up to 110 million kWh of electricity and around 90 thousand Gcal of heat due to additional utilization of coal mine methane.

The project mitigates negative environmental impacts due to reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases (methane and carbon dioxide), sulphur oxides, NOx and other pollutants.

GHG emission reductions are achieved through reduction in methane emissions as well as due to reductions in fossil fuel combustion by third-party electricity (external power grid plants) and heat (Vorkuta CHPP-2) suppliers.

Expected emission reductions over 2008-2012 – 570 kt 2e

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